We have been providing personal and premier banking services, together with corporate banking services in Jersey for more than 90 years. We help personal customers and corporate clients who live and work in Jersey, including Fiduciaries and Trusts, Fund Administrators and Family Offices, as well as global corporate clients who use Jersey as a regional base.


As a world-leading International Finance Centre, Jersey offers reliability, political and economic stability and a sophisticated legal infrastructure. It is a unique environment for financial services practitioners and investors, which is why it’s at the forefront of the global finance industry.


Jersey’s independent status has been maintained for more than 800 years, so it’s been free to develop its own legal and financial infrastructure.

A robust, modern and sophisticated legal framework supports Jersey’s finance industry, continually evolving to maintain its attractiveness to both domestic and international markets.

Supported by a comprehensive business and communication infrastructure, this creates a highly-skilled financial services sector, which offers a welcoming environment for businesses and personal customers.


Jersey is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, which means it’s not part of the UK or EU, but remains closely aligned with both and benefits from free trade and free flow of capital with EU member states. With its own government and legal systems, Jersey fiscal practice is decided at a local level.

Jersey companies are eligible for inclusion on major stock exchanges as well as corporate listings on the Channel Islands stock exchange.

Our presence IN JERSEY

Our main office and high street branch is located at Library Place in St Helier. They provide a local service, while connecting you to the wider resources of the Barclays Group.


We offer a range of services to both retail and corporate customers, including:

  • Personal banking customers
    Current and savings accounts, overdrafts and mortgages for Jersey residents
  • Small and medium enterprises
    We can support all local businesses whether they are start ups or established and ready to grow
  • Local corporates
    We provide corporate banking services to Jersey businesses with an annual turnover in excess of £5 million
  • Offshore corporates
    We specialise in serving corporate clients who require non-domestic banking requirements
  • Fiduciaries
    Our banking and investment services help to deliver cost efficiencies, risk mitigation and yield enhancement opportunities for Fiduciary, Wealth Managers and Trust companies and their clients
  • Family offices
    We provide banking services for family offices through an experienced, local relationship team
  • Fund managers and administrators
    We provide a range of specialist banking and financial solutions for every stage of the fund lifecycle.