A range of accounts and services to manage surplus liquidity. Suitable for corporate clients and fiduciaries.

International business tracker account

No-notice savings account available in sterling, US dollar or euro. Offers competitive interest tracking the base rate, without compromising on access.

Notice deposit accounts

Available in sterling, US dollar and euro, notice deposit accounts earn an attractive return on surplus funds.

Credit balance aggregation

For clients with multiple accounts, our credit balance aggregation scheme makes account administration simple. Interest rates are negotiated on total holdings across all accounts.

Liquidity concentration

This service consolidates cash positions and optimises liquidity across accounts, with reduced administration and cost. It defines automated cash sweeping between accounts and across multiple banks, domestically and internationally.

Wealth treasury deposits

Fixed term money market deposits available in a wide range of currencies, offered for a period up to five years.

Call accounts

An account that provides easy access to funds. Available in a wide range of currencies, this account can be used to match incoming and outgoing currency funds, which reduces exchange risk and administration.