Our dedicated portfolio managers work with all the resources of the Barclays Group at a local and international level to deliver diversified portfolio management.

Dedicated Portfolio manager

A dedicated portfolio manager will work directly with you during the on-boarding stage and throughout the investment lifecycle.

Portfolio managers in London and Jersey

With specialist investment managers in every major asset class, we offer a team of market specialists who will work with each portfolio.

Online access

With our online service you can easily view your investment holdings, ensuring greater transparency, access and reporting.

Access to Expertise

On an ongoing basis, our Corporate Investment Specialists and Portfolio Managers will manage the suitability of your portfolio.

Robust bespoke requirements

We ensure that your requirements are understood, agreed and then executed with ongoing monitoring, for example; monitoring the requirements for non-UK Situs assets and capital and income splits (where applicable).

Single and multi-asset class portfolios

We bespoke and construct single and multi-asset class portfolios tailored to your risk profile and investment objectives.

Open architecture

Our open architecture approach means we have access to a wide range of global institutional broker dealers, offering “street” access consolidated into one single relationship. We actively select counterparties, who we believe will add the most value to you at point of trade. We perform due diligence and create an open dialogue with our global network of providers. Saving you time and aiming to deliver real value.

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