We offer low-cost overdrafts in a range of currencies, for those who need fast access to working capital.

Overdrafts can be an ideal source of temporary funds to cover unpredictable business expenses, urgent working capital demands or fluctuations in borrowing requirements. We keep costs low and terms convenient.

  • Working capital whenever it’s needed — we offer finance without restriction within an agreed overdraft limit
  • Flexible timeframes — our overdrafts have no fixed repayment schedule.
  • Cost minimisation — the interest margin of Barclays overdrafts is linked to the Barclays base rate, so the cost is kept as low as possible
  • Range of currency options — currency overdrafts in sterling, US dollar or euro to help avoid negative effects from unfavourable exchange rates

Key benefits

  • Ideal for unpredictable short-term borrowing
  • Low-interest rates
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Minimise currency risk

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