With our global presence and local on-the-ground knowledge, we provide banking, credit, trust and investment solutions to the captive insurance industry.

Committed to captive insurance

Our expert teams have been working with captive insurers for many years. Our qualified Relationship Managers in the captive insurance team are some of the leading experts in captive insurance, making us the provider of choice for many leading corporations.

Based in the Isle of Man, Guernsey and London, we work across the major captive insurance jurisdictions including; Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Dublin and certain Onshore US states.

Benefits of working with us

We know how much it means to have direct access to someone who understands what your business needs. As a captive insurance client your dedicated Relationship Manager will work with you to understand your requirements, offer guidance and make introductions to expert colleagues from across the Barclays Group.

Our product offering for captive clients includes; tailored and flexible banking, credit facilities and trust and investment solutions to meet your business needs.

Please note, not all products and services described or offered by our captive insurance team are provided by Barclays Bank PLC. Some may be provided by associated companies in the Barclays Group.

Letters of credit

We turn the often expensive and time-consuming task of writing letters of credit (LOCs)into simple and cost-effective offerings by providing:

  • An experienced team - who’ve been writing LOCs for more than 10 years
  • LOCs in all major currencies
  • Creation and delivery to meet your deadlines
  • Full or partial collateral to cover the liability
  • Compliance with National Association of Insurance Commissioners in the US

Security trust agreements

Working closely with independent Trustees, we provide insurance trust agreements, which are an increasingly popular alternative to LOCs. Their key benefits include:

  • Flexibility 
  • Quality and delivery
  • Security 
  • Flexible collateral

Security interest agreements

By depositing cash or assets into a Barclays account our captive clients provide a guarantee to their insurers that they’ll meet their obligations. We provide collateral control and banking/investment managers to provide additional peace of mind. Notice of security interest and acknowledgement can be pre agreed where required.

Investment management

We offer a range of investment management services which include comprehensive investment products and asset allocation strategies to meet the individual needs of each captive insurance company. We provide discretionary management to the advice and support required, and our online portal enables you to view your portfolio and access a range a reporting tools.

Bank accounts

We offer bank accounts in a range of currencies and will let you know exactly what we need from you at the start of the process to avoid unnecessary delays in opening your account. Once we have the necessary documentation we will seek to agree a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you, so your new account is ready when you need it.

Online business banking in a range of currencies

Barclays Online Banking gives you direct access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with business functions including; download and export of information, access and authority control and transaction progress tracking.

The service can be customised to your business giving you the freedom and flexibility you need to manage your business finances online, wherever you are.

Cash management

Our cash management tools support fast efficient payments and transfers. For large-scale users we can provide sophisticated tools using SWIFT MA-CUG to help with rapid processing of payments through the banking system and for easier reconciliation of investor receipts.

We can also provide the services of a trained Cash Manager, who can help identify solutions to assist you with business liquidity and yield enhancement.