We work with single and multiple family offices all over the world. Here’s how our experience can help you.

Family Offices need a high level of service from their banking partner. We’ve developed a model that brings together, in one place, all the expertise you and your clients need.

Your business needs

Our teams have an in-depth understanding of the issues around wealth management. So we know Family Offices need efficient banking and investment platforms including seamless, integrated corporate and personal banking.

We offer solutions to enhance yield or increase diversification, thereby mitigating risks. We also offer straightforward administration and liquidity management services.

How we support you

We want to give you more convenient ways to manage complex finances. A single, senior Relationship Manager will be your point of contact, providing access to our wide selection of banking, brokerage and investment solutions. We also bring extensive expertise from wealth structuring, estate-planning and property specialists within Barclays.

Whether you’re looking for financing for large assets, help with cross-border lending or professional support for philanthropy goals or trusteeship, we offer efficient and flexible solutions:

  • Everyday banking (personal accounts) for family members
  • Banking for corporate vehicles run by the Family Office
  • Banking for corporate vehicles run by Trust Advisors
  • All standard deposit products, including bespoke pricing, notice accounts and treasury deposits
  • Online banking, including personal and non-personal accounts
  • Liquidity solutions for non-personal accounts and external accounts
  • Card solutions, including Barclaycard and business debit cards
  • Secured and unsecured credit
  • Investments in personal and non-personal entity names
  • Foreign exchange, including access to online platform.
  • Trade services

For individual wealth management

Our UK and International Private Banking and Wealth Advisory Teams can support your clients on an individual level for their day-to-day banking and long-term investment needs.

A dedicated team of family office Relationship Managers will assess your needs and bring together the right team of experts and advisers.

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