Here are some examples where we have worked with some of our clients delivering solutions tailored to their needs.

A gateway to the group

Two ultra-high net worth clients were looking for a single provider for their banking needs, including access to private banking services.

By leveraging the breadth and strength of the Barclays Group, we were able to meet those needs. Accounts were opened and access provided to investments, foreign exchange and cash management services.

As a result, the clients received the one-stop service they wanted and benefitted from cost-effective banking and wealth management services.

A holistic banking solution

One of our client groups who had activities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, had been using our offshore banking services for 15 years. In that time their needs had changed, and to support their continued growth they needed a multi-functional banking service.

After reviewing their banking needs, we provided the client with an overall service covering everything from mortgage finance to multi-currency, spot and forward foreign exchange facilities.

It was also clear that the client would benefit from our electronic payment facilities, Treasury Solutions and local business services in Africa. Those recommendations helped the client streamline their operations and we now continue to work closely with them, helping to facilitate and support their changing business objectives.

A faster fiduciary service

A fiduciary based in the Channel Islands was managing around 300 accounts across multiple European partners. That structure was time-consuming with high and complex administration costs.

Together, we reviewed their internal processes, their payment mechanisms and identifying significant opportunities to utilise our digital solutions. We managed the service transition to ensure a smooth continuation and we delivered full internet banking with electronic payment capabilities.

As a result the client’s processes became more efficient and cost effective, and they benefited from streamlined and faster account opening.

Investment capability

A fiduciary managing a $3m investment portfolio and $60m Treasury Deposits, was looking to increase the yield from their assets. Working closely together, we established a new investment strategy transferring part of the deposit into the investment portfolio, increasing its value to $20m.

We also helped the fiduciary to undertake a full review, creating four new discretionary portfolios with their remaining assets ensuring that their funds were working as effectively as possible.