We understand the Fiduciaries market and are committed to keeping abreast of developments in the sector. We have summarised below some of the key trends we are seeing impacting our Fiduciary clients.

A rise in global fiduciaries

Fiduciaries are seeking to follow their clients, internationalise their operations and spread their cost base. This creates a need for personal, corporate and wealth banking across multiple geographies.

Clients require more sophisticated solutions

Underlying clients are demanding more advanced solutions, and Fiduciaries need to demonstrate how they add value and provide a superior service to their competitors.

Increased regulatory standards

Fiduciaries increasingly have to navigate conflicting regulations in different jurisdictions. This leads to increased cost and a greater focus on creating efficiencies internally.

Industry consolidation

Consolidation in the Fiduciaries sector has resulted in rationalisation of service providers. It has also created a need for access to Private Equity funding and/or debt.

Digitisation of internal operations

To create efficiencies and combat cost pressures, Fiduciaries are increasingly looking to digitalise and streamline internal operations.