We understand what your clients need. Which means we are ready to offer the support that will help you deliver it.

Professional guidance

We know that as a Fudiciary you act as a trusted advisor to your clients and are legally obliged to act in their best interests, offering guidance and execution across a wide spectrum of client needs.

Here is how Barclays can help:

  • ‘Once and done’ execution
  • Accessibility and responsiveness
  • Enhance your credibility in the eyes of your clients
  • Specialist fiduciary relationship team.


Our fiduciary clients have specialist knowledge of the regulatory, compliance and legal environment, offering clients the most efficient structuring solutions.

We are set up to help:

  • On-the-ground presence with local knowledge
  • Knowledgeable about market trends and landscape
  • Fast, efficient and cost effective banking.

Wealth preservation

Your clients need investment specialists that can help them preserve, grow and pass on their wealth. We understand how important it is for you to appraise your investment providers to help your clients access the best products and services.

How Barclays can help:

  • Investment expertise
  • Access to a range of financial specialists
  • Strong investment past performance
  • Investment reporting and online access.

Cost savings

Our fiduciary clients are constantly looking to save their clients time and money by navigating third-party suppliers or providing in-house solutions. We realise that minimising administrative costs and unlocking economies of scale is important to your business.

How Barclays can help:

  • Fast account opening
  • Efficient processes
  • Functional online channel to save you time and resources
  • Digital straight-through processes where possible
  • Competitive pricing.


We recognise that as a fiduciary, your clients depend on you to act in their best interests through preserving their client confidentiality and safeguarding their funds.

How Barclays can help you:

  • Help maintain your reputation for competence and confidentiality
  • Strong credit rating and liquidity position
  • A trusted, recognisable brand with secure systems.