Connecting the value chain across the private equity fund lifecycle.

We’ll support you from fund planning and inception to divestment and public offering.

Connecting services to create value across the fund lifecycle

In the world of private equity, choosing the right service provider and adviser can be critical to maximising the opportunity of a strategy.

This is especially true at a time when fund firms and sponsors are increasingly focusing on how and where they base their operations, domicile their funds and target investors.

At Barclays, we’ve designed our multi-disciplinary services to support both onshore and offshore fund managers across all aspects of the value chain and fund lifecycle.

We deliver:

  • A connected service that links our fund and treasury expertise together seamlessly
  • A personalised approach that recognises each client’s uniqueness and supports you in a tailored way
  • A scalable, highly cost-efficient service that integrates throughout the fund lifecycle.

Our approach brings together the skills of our corporate, private and investment banks to help you and your funds transact efficiently across borders.

Fund life cycle

Establishing the entity 

Our services include:

  • Transactional banking
  • Access to treasury and capital markets across multiple jurisdictions
  • Market-leading electronic platforms
  • Spot and forward exchange contracts in more than 80 currencies
  • Guarantees and letters of credit
  • Escrow solutions.

Portfolio management

Our services include:

  • A globally supported, leveraged finance franchise
  • A European equity platform covering around 700 EMEA stocks
  • An interest rate and FX derivatives house experienced in hedge coordinating
  • A leading mergers and acquisitions house supporting buying and selling.

Launching new funds

Our services include:

  • A dedicated team offering private equity funds to high-net-worth clients 
  • Responsive support for changing client priorities and opportunities
  • An Investment Club to help connect investment partners with funds.

Managing volatility

Our services include:

  • Access to 24-hour live and algorithmic trading
  • Emerging markets knowledge and experience 
  • Barclays Live research portal
  • Expert help from a team of 250 specialists across 23 global offices.

Acquisitions and growth

Our services include:

  • Expert advice on funding new acquisitions, partnerships and growth plans 
  • Specialist advice and execution in structuring, arranging and distributing debt finance 
  • Knowledge, experience and balance sheet commitment in underwriting leveraged finance transactions.

Fund finance

Our services include:

  • Finance available for a range of purposes and across a range of sectors, including buy-out, real estate, infrastructure and credit
  • Customised service to meet individual fund manager needs.

Fund partner and manager solutions

Our services include:

  • Tailored resident-non-domiciled planning and structuring solutions 
  • Solutions for irregular J-curve cash flows
  • Help with rebalancing asset class allocations.

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