Manage your or your clients’ risk and return expectations across a wide array of underlying asset classes

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Structured products can be highly customised to suit your or your clients’ particular investment objectives and market expectations – offering growth or income, a range of investment terms, a variety of risk-return profiles and exposure to a diverse range of asset classes.

  • Flexibility to fit your or your client’s needs

    Our expertise lies in finding the right structured products that match your or your clients’ strategy and offer good diversification with current assets.

  • Handpicked, innovative products

    We aim to offer you and your clients innovative products and competitive terms. Our product specialists work with leading investment banks including the Investment Banking division of Barclays, an award-winning designer of structured products.

  • Fixed investment horizon

    Most structured products have a fixed term – typically three to six years – so your client’s know when their investment will mature. Some feature early ‘kick-out’ options, which offer investors an opportunity for an early maturity dependent on the performance of the underlying asset on set points.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility to fit your or your client’s needs
  • Handpicked, innovative products
  • Potential return is defined at the outset
  • A range of risk levels
  • Up to 100% capital repayment at maturity