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When your client is importing or exporting goods, use letters of credit to help cover their business risks

Your client can use an import letter of credit to pay for goods from an overseas supplier. They’re designed to cover trading risks by putting a clear undertaking in place. The supplier has our guarantee that payment will be made, making the deal less risky and more attractive to them.

  • Greater control over transaction terms

    We only effect  payment when the exact terms and conditions of the letter of credit have been met, and the supplier has produced all specified  documentation for the trade.

  • Be certain of the deal

    Letters of credit are irrevocable, which means no amendments or cancellations can be made without agreement from all parties.

  • More opportunity to negotiate

    Letters of credit are a strong bargaining tool, which means your client can negotiate for more costs to be met by the supplier – particularly valuable when dealing with new suppliers.

  • Any amount, any currency

    Letters of credit can be used to make payments for any amount and in any freely traded currency.

Export letters of credit

If your client is selling goods overseas, we can advise export letters of credit so that they can be confident they will receive payment from their buyer.

  • Improved cash flow
  • More competitive deals
  • Greater security
  • Payments in any freely traded currency

Key benefits

  • Strong bargaining tool, giving more opportunity to negotiate with suppliers
  • Clear terms
  • Currency flexibility
  • More control