A Barclays Investment Adviser can help you plan an investment strategy that meets your personal needs. But first they will want to find about more about your financial situation, needs and goals to ensure this strategy is built around your individual needs.

When you first speak to one of our Investment Advisers, they will aim to gain an understanding of your overall financial situation as well as your financial needs and goals. Therefore, to get the maximum benefit from their advice and recommendations, you should come prepared with some information in advance.

“Examples of preliminary questions would cover your age, marital status, dependants, residence and work locations,” says Dominic Brockes, Vice President of Wealth and Investment Management at Barclays. We will then have a conversation about your assets.” The Investment Adviser will ask questions around a number of areas including any properties you may own and any investments you already hold. “We’ll also ask about cash deposits and where they are at the moment – including currency holdings,” notes Brockes.

Understanding your attitude to risk

Following the initial discussion, the Investment Adviser will fully explore your risk tolerance – that is, the degree of risk you find acceptable in any investment you may make. “We want to understand all angles of your attitude to risk,” explains Brockes.

This part of the meeting will be structured around a short questionnaire designed to encourage you to examine how you feel about particular investment scenarios. However, Brockes point out, “We won’t just run through a list of questions. We’ll use the questions to fully understand how you feel about risk – what is acceptable, what would be intolerable. By now, the meeting will have developed into an in-depth conversation where everything you tell us is noted down and used in our final risk-assessment.”

Once the Investment Adviser has completed this risk-assessment, they will confirm with you that it accurately reflects your attitude to risk and is relevant to your overall financial position.

It is important to note that investments can fall in value and you may get back less than you invested. Also, please be aware that we cannot offer investment advice to you in the UK.

What do you want to achieve from your investments?

The next set of questions will establish your financial goals. “The conversation now moves towards questions such as “What aspirations do you have for your money?” and “How far do you think they have been achieved so far?” says Brockes.

“At this stage, we will also ask if you have any defined objections to, or preferences for, certain types of investment classes,” he continues. This is your opportunity to state whether, for example, you are opposed to investing in specific industries or want to invest in a particular industrial sector.

You and your Investment Adviser will then explore what time horizon you have for your investments – that is, whether you want to commit your investments for the short term (up to five years), medium term (five to seven years) or long term (seven years or more).

On the basis of this detailed discussion, and in keeping with your profile, the Investment Adviser will then recommend an overall investment strategy and explain the reasoning behind it. At this point, you’ll be able to double-check that all your personal details have been considered and incorporated into the recommendations.

With the meeting complete, you will be able to think about what has been recommended and decide whether or not to accept the advice you have been given. It is important to state that the Investment Adviser is there to provide advice based on your current financial position.

What to do next and how Barclays can help

If you already have a Relationship Manager** with Barclays International Banking, they can introduce you to an Investment Adviser whether you’re building an investment strategy for the first time or have reached a new life-stage and feel your present strategy could do with a review. Alternatively, please call one of our Service Executives to find out more about the investment products and services we offer. Either way, you can reach the team on +44 (0)20 7574 3212*.


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