Now you can use your Android phone to make quick, easy payments on the go. Contactless Mobile means you can link your Barclays debit card or Barclaycard to your phone, then use it to pay wherever you see the contactless symbol. 

  • Make payments up to £100
  • Use it to pay in store or on Transport for London
  • Secure, free and easy to set up 

Need some help?

If you have any questions about Contactless Mobile, get in touch.

Where to use Contactless Mobile

Pay in shops

You can pay with Contactless Mobile in any of the 400,000 locations across the UK that accepts contactless payments – plus locations outside the UK that accept Visa. To make a payment, simply hold your mobile over the reader – it’ll work within a matter of seconds. The process is the same for refunds, so those can be made quickly too.

Travel in London

Now your phone can be your ticket too – just tap it on the reader (where an Oyster card usually goes). If you want to see more about your journeys, you can register your details online with TfL. The information you’ll need to register can be found under ‘Contactless Mobile’, then ‘Account Details’ in your mobile banking app.

Spend over £30

You can use Contactless Mobile to make payments from £30 to £100. When you make these payments, you’ll be asked to enter your normal card PIN on your phone, so it’s just like making a card payment

Get set up

To set up and start using Contactless Mobile, you’ll need the latest version of the Barclays Mobile Banking app installed on your phone. If you have an eligible card and compatible device, Contactless Mobile will appear automatically on the menu.

  1. Log in to Barclays Mobile Banking and tap ‘Contactless Mobile’ in the menu
  2. Select the card you want to use when you pay with your phone
  3. Go to Settings on your phone and then ensure NFC is on (NFC phrasing may differ depending on your device)
  4. Set Barclays Mobile Banking as your default ‘Tap and Pay’ application

If you have a Barclaycard card you can set up Contactless Mobile using the Barclaycard Mobile App.

Once you’ve successfully set it up, a permanent ‘Contactless Mobile Activated’ message will show on your lock screen. This serves as both a reminder and a security measure. If you’d like to turn the message off, go to Settings on your phone and choose to hide notifications.

Who is eligible?

To use Contactless Mobile you’ll need:

  • An Android device that is NFC capable and has an operating system of 4.2 or above – find this out in your phone settings, under ‘About device’
  • The latest version of the Barclays Mobile Banking app


  • A Barclays debit card – contactless or non-contactless 1, or
  • A Visa Barclaycard, if you use the Barclaycard app
You can register for Contactless Mobile via your Barclays Mobile Banking App and your Barclaycard app, however only one of these can be active at any one time. To switch between the two, you’ll need to change the ‘default tap and pay’ option within your Android phone settings.

There are a number of measures we’ll take to help protect your account when you use Contactless Mobile:

Logging in

Occasionally, we’ll send you a notification asking you to log in to your Barclays Mobile Banking app. This is to verify that it’s you who is using the feature.

Separate account number

We’ll set up a separate 16-digit account number for transactions made using Contactless Mobile – this is for your security and to help you keep track of payments. It’s different to the account number on your card, but is linked to the same account.

Customisable PIN settings

Tap ‘PIN settings’ in your mobile banking app if you’d like to use your PIN when you pay for something under £30 using Contactless Mobile. When this is enabled, enter your PIN on your phone, just as you would when you pay with card. For payments between £30 - £100, you’ll need to use your PIN every time you pay with your phone.


When you pay using Contactless Mobile and your PIN, a notification will appear to confirm the transaction has been successful.

If you’d like to make changes to any of your Contactless Mobile settings, just go to ‘Contactless Mobile’ and then ‘Account Details’ in the app.

Need some help?

If you have any questions about Contactless Mobile, get in touch.