Make more informed FX transaction choices by learning some of the considerations behind making regular payments in a different currency.

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Things to consider

With any currency transaction, there are several factors that affect what the currency exchange will cost you, including:

  • The size of the transaction
  • The current market exchange rate
  • Currency price volatility
  • The timing of the exchange.

With regular payments, there are additional factors to consider:

  • How often you need to convert currencies
  • How much capital you have in reserve and whether you are comfortable converting extra so that you can benefit while exchange rates are in your favour.

Next steps

Take time to consider the following:

  • How can I reduce my exposure?
  • What options are available to me?
  • What would happen if I did nothing?
  • What’s my personal tolerance for risk?

Your team at Barclays International can review these considerations with you and help you make informed choices about your options.

If you are not currently a Barclays International client, but are interested in our FX services, you will first need to open an account. You can do this by calling +44 (0)1624 684 498* or by applying online.


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