Investing for retirement is important whether it is a long way off or in just a few years.

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When is the best time to start thinking about investing for retirement?

The earlier you put money into investments, the longer they have for possible growth. But even if it is only a few years away there are still things you can do to maximise the potential benefits.

If retirement is a long way off

The sooner you start building up investments to help fund your retirement the better. This gives your investments a long time for possible growth in value.

Putting money into a pension is one option but you can also build up your portfolio with other investments that are more flexible, for example managed funds which give you access to your money during the investment.

Managed funds provide an easy way in to investing as they are managed by an investment manager. You can choose when you want to access them – it doesn’t have to be at retirement – though of course they can fall in value. This means you can wait for a favourable market to cash in your investment.

If you are nearing retirement

As you get closer to retirement age, you might want to look at investing in products which preserve your wealth, rather than putting your money into investments that could risk your capital.

At retirement

When you retire you may be moving countries, house or changing your lifestyle. You also might be to looking at ways of helping dependents and planning how to pass on your wealth.
We can help you maximise returns on any capital available from your retirement savings and help rebalance your portfolio to focus on investments that supplement your income at retirement.

Security and risk

Depending on your retirement goals and how near to retirement you are will help determine what level of risk you are willing to take. Depending on what level of risk is selected you could receive some or all of your original investment back:

  • High risk – with high risk investments your capital is directly linked to market performance, so any drop in value is reflected in what you receive back; however due to the added risk these products tend to offer higher potential returns should the market perform well and a greater risk of loss should they not.
  • Some risk – these investments give the assurance that at least some of your capital will be repaid at maturity even if the investment doesn’t perform well. Potential returns may not be as good as high risk investments but traditionally perform better than low risk investments.
  • Low risk – the investment aims to repay all your initial capital at maturity but potential returns may not be as good as investments that are higher risk.
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Remember that all investments carry risk. Investments can fall in value and you could get back less than you invested.

Investments in currencies other than your own may rise or fall because of changes in exchange rates.

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