To satisfy UK and European regulations, we need to verify your identity and your main residential address. To do this, we will need to see some additional documentation with your account application.

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Proof of identity

We need to see proof of your identity – usually your current and valid passport, European Union country National Identity Card or Gibraltar ID card is sufficient.

If you are able to visit a Barclays branch, please take one of these documents with you, where we will certify it and send it with your application paperwork to our Account Opening Team.

If you are unable to visit a Barclays branch in person, you will need to have a copy of the original documentation certified.

How to have copies of documents certified 

Please follow the instructions on our certification template to help you complete this process and prevent delays in your application.

All documents are in PDF format, and you will need Adobe Reader to read them.

Alternatively you may use a different form (such as another bank’s) – providing it has the same text declaration as our form.

Who can certify a document?

Who can certify a document?

An alternative text version of the above table is available to view in PDF format.

Please make sure you copy and certify the photograph page, the personal details page and the signature page of your passport. Please note for the following countries these appear on different pages of your passport:

  • Italy – Please make sure that you copy and certify page 3 of your passport
  • Egypt – Please make sure that you copy and certify page 7 of your passport
  • USA
  • India
  • New Zealand

For the following countries and when your signature is NOT shown in your passport, please sign the Passport Certification Form.

  • Pakistan
  • Singapore

Proof of your Principal Residential Address  

For each applicant, please supply TWO of the following documents. Each must clearly show your name(s) and principal residential address:

  • A statement from a major bank or building society but not a UK Barclays or UK Barclaycard statement***
  • A VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Card statement***
  • A certified photocopy of your Drivers Licence, which should clearly show your name and principal residential address. If you send a certified copy, please copy the front and back of the document
  • A UK utility bill (gas, electricity, water, telephone, but not mobile phone) if your principal residential address is in the UK.** If you send a telephone bill, it must be a land-line and show your address and telephone number on it
  • A letter from a Consular Official, or higher, of a British Embassy or High Commission in your country. This letter must bear the official stamp or seal and show the official's name and signature
  • A government-issued National Identity card from Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, or Australia
  • If you cannot obtain a second proof of address, we will accept a Bankers Confirmation Request. Download the Bankers Confirmation Request

    *** These documents should be no more than 3 months old.

We would prefer you send original documents that we will return to you. You may provide a certified copy if necessary.