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Our sterling Children’s Savings Account helps you manage your child’s savings until they are 18

  • No restrictions

    Easy access with no notice required.
  • Save to suit you

    You can save any amount, starting from £1. Please note, this account is only available in sterling
  • Tiered interest rates

    The more you save, the more you earn. Interest is paid monthly.
  • Maintain control

    The account is opened in the child’s name, but you administer it until the child is 18.
  • Simple handover

    When the child reaches 18, you simply transfer the account to an adult savings account, in their name.

Why open a Children’s Savings Account?

You may simply want an account that helps to give your children a head start when they set out on their own. But a savings account can also be a useful tool to teach them about regular saving and financial responsibility.

Key benefits

  • Easy access
  • Simple to manage and transfer to your child when they reach 18
  • Tiered, managed interest rates
  • Opening balance from just £1
  • Interest paid monthly


  • You are a Barclays International Banking client who has iBank, iBank Saver or the Relationship Service
  • Your children are resident for tax purposes in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar