When you’re managing your wealth internationally you need a foreign exchange service that’s quick, easy to use and allows you to keep on top of movements in currencies.

With Barclays International Banking you can trade in over 70 currency pairs. The more you convert the better the currency rates we can offer. You’ll also have access to iAlert, a free tool that makes it easy to monitor the changes in exchange rates that matter to you.

With iAlert you can:

  • track over 70 currency pairs, set upper and lower exchange rate thresholds for a given currency pair  
  • get email alerts when the currencies you’re tracking reach your chosen rate threshold 
  • get regular email updates on the performance of your currency pairs.

You’ll also have access to the expertise of our Treasury Team who can negotiate currency rates for amounts over £25,000.

If you maintain at least £100,000, or currency equivalent*, with us you’ll qualify for our Relationship Service. That means you can access our Treasury Specialists. They can provide insight on foreign exchange markets and the events that could impact certain currencies.

Please note: When entering into FX transactions you can suffer losses.

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