With both traditional banking facilities and specialised international services, we can help simplify your financial life abroad.

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Services for expats

Along with all the traditional banking facilities, we offer a range of benefits designed to help expats living overseas. You can:

  • open an offshore bank account
  • hold accounts in euros, US dollars and sterling
  • set up direct debits and standing orders from abroad
  • withdraw cash and make purchases in the UK from your sterling account
  • manage your finances when and where you want using our international telephone and online banking service
  • pay bills and make payments of up to £50,000 (or currency equivalent for online transactions)

International bank accounts

Our International Bank Account offers competitive tiered interest rates and multi-currency options including euros, US dollars and sterling.

Account holders can also choose the service option that suits their financial needs:

  • Our International Banking service offers an easy, low-cost way to control your finances when living abroad.
  • Our Relationship Service is designed to help affluent clients better manage their wealth. Your Relationship Manager understands your expat status and can create financial packages tailored for your unique situation and goals.

Offshore banking benefits

Offshore banking simply means banking in a jurisdiction other than the country you live in. In certain cases, the interest earned on your account will be paid gross of tax, though you may incur a tax liability elsewhere**.

You’ll benefit from:

  • an economically stable location for your money
  • the security of banking in a highly regulated financial market
  •  an excellent reputation for providing financial services
  •  potential financial planning opportunities

Convenient money management for expats

For anyone working or living abroad, our international telephone and online banking service gives you an easy and convenient way to manage your finances. Our international telephone option provides you with more personal service from our UK-based call centre*, while online banking lets you manage your money wherever it suits you.

Banking online allows you to:

  • Check account balances
  • enquire about transactions
  • transfer money between your Barclays accounts, in any currency
  • make payments up to a maximum of £50,000 (or currency equivalent) per payment
  • pay bills to most companies with UK banking facilities
  • set up and amend both UK and international standing orders
  • order cheque books, paying-in books and replacement credit or debit cards


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