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If you’re paid in dollars, have a US mortgage or need frequent access to US currency, an International Bank Account in dollars makes it easy for you to manage your money.

Our International Bank Account is available in US dollars, giving you all the benefits of a normal checking or current account in the world’s premier reserve and trading currency.

  • Barclays Wealth card

    Use it for cash withdrawals and purchases worldwide – and nominate additional cardholders.
  • International cash withdrawals

    Pay for goods and services at over 29 million places worldwide. Take cash out from any cash machines around the world displaying the Visa sign.
  • Pay your US dollar mortgage

    If you own property in the USA, the International Bank Account permits you to make payments on a US dollar mortgage.
  • Save on foreign exchange fees

    Use your International Bank Account to manage your regular income or spending in US dollars.

Online banking with Barclays

Manage your dollar account whenever you choose with International Telephone and Online Banking

Key benefits

  • Mortgages and loans at US dollar interest rates
  • Easy access to US dollars worldwide through the Visa network
  • Quick, secure international payments
  • Online and telephone banking


  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have £25,000 (or the currency equivalent) to deposit and maintain across the accounts you hold with us  
  • You are 18 and a permanent resident of Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, or you live or work in Gibraltar

Options for your dollar account

Your US dollar account is available through one of three international banking services: Relationship Management, iBank or iBank Saver.

  • Relationship Service

    To qualify for our Relationship Service you must either deposit and maintain a balance of £100,000 or more (or equivalent in another currency or currencies) in cash or investments or a combination of the two with us; or,
    If you have come to live in, or are moving to, the UK as a non-domiciled person, you will qualify for our Relationship Service if you have an annual individual gross salary of £150,000 or more (or equivalent in another currency or currencies) and the salary you receive is paid into your Barclays International bank account each year.
  • iBank

    Our international banking service offers a comprehensive range of services and is free for account holders with £50,000 or more (or currency equivalent) with us. For account holders with less than £50,00 with us, iBank costs £10 (US$16.50 or €14.50) a month.
  • iBank Saver

    Our iBank Saver option is a good fit if you need savings and investment products rather than everyday banking services.

Key benefits

  • Gain financial planning flexibility
  • Protection from foreign exchange rate fluctuations
  • Easy access to your Dollars
  • Minimise interest rate changes