As well as investing in property, you can take advantage of many other opportunities for international investment.

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Investing in offshore funds and global markets

International investing is an exciting opportunity. By investing abroad, you can:

  • Potentially take advantage of financial planning advantages that are unavailable in your home country
  • Invest in a range of currencies
  • Gain access to mortgages, loans and international payment services that are not offered in your home country

Barclays can make international investing easy. You can access the experience of our international team of investment professionals, with expertise in a range of asset markets and classes.

We can help you with:

  • Asset management
  • Financial planning
  • Investment products
  • Property investment
  • Investment advice

Offshore investment expertise

We know that, as an offshore investor, you have to answer some tough questions to find the right international investments. Where do you put money to make it work harder? What level of risk is appropriate? Where can you go for expert advice?

Our International Investment Advisors offer insight and information to help you make the right investment decisions for you.

To access our offshore investment services, you need to open an International Bank Account

Our offshore account options include:

  • Relationship Service
  • iBank
  • iBank Saver