Are you a UK non-resident looking for a home to live in or buying property in the UK for investment purposes? We can help you with lending, advisory and Wealth  Management services


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Non-resident property purchases

If you’ve decided to buy a UK residential or investment property, our range of services may help lead to the best potential outcome. If you hold an international account with us, you’ll benefit from our advisory and planning services as well as our range of financing options.

  • A mortgage to suit your needs

    Our mortgage specialists can offer you a wide range of choices when it comes to buying property. Whether interest-only or repayment, onshore or offshore, we will help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.
  • Alternatives to mortgages

    If a mortgage isn’t the right solution we can offer an alternative. Using our services, you can raise a loan against the value of long-term savings and investments you hold with us. So, you can finance your property purchase without disturbing your investment plans. Security over your savings and investments will be required
  • Bigger picture financing

    While we want you to get the best deal to finance the purchase, we will also make sure that the way you buy fits in with your overall wealth-planning strategy.
  • Adapting to suit your property investment

    While we want you to get the best deal to finance the purchase, we will also make sure that the way you buy fits in with your overall wealth-planning strategy.
  • Buying land in the UK

    Property does not begin and end with houses, of course, as the land they are built on has value as well. This could be land to build a home on, but could also be woodland, forestry or other agricultural land. We can assist with financing for land purchases. We recommend that you seek independent tax advice so you can get the relevant tax relief.

  • Remortgages for UK property

    If you already own a property, you may wish to release some of its value to fund an extension or refurbishment. We can provide a remortgage, meaning you could potentially pay a lower interest rate as well as consolidate other loans and have lower monthly outgoings. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Buying a home in the UK

  • When making a non-resident property purchase, it’s important to understand how the UK property market works. We will work alongside your legal representatives to ensure you understand the entire process, no matter whether you are buying a home or making an investment.

Understanding the UK home-buying process

  • To give an example of how the market works, if buying a home in England and Wales, you make a bid to the seller, who can then either accept or reject it. There can be competition between buyers, with intermediaries trying to find ways to secure a deal. 
  • In Scotland, which has a separate legal system, the process is slightly different. Those interested in purchasing a property send in sealed bids to the vendor. The seller then opens all of the bids and selects a buyer.

Key benefits

  • Choose a repayment mortgage or an interest-only deal
  •  Select an onshore or offshore mortgage
  • Enjoy financing that fits into your overall wealth plan
  • Get support for buying land or remortgaging a property