The Barclays Jersey Boat Show has established itself as one of Jersey’s major community events giving the island the opportunity to highlight its thriving marine, leisure and tourism industries, attracting a huge number of local exhibitors and those from Guernsey, France and the UK.

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This year I'm dressed up in top hat and tails to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Barclays Jersey Boat Show.

£54k+ Funds raised for charity in 8 years
123: The number of exhibitors at this year’s show
290k: Approximate visitors since launch
8 yrs: Barclays sponsorship
40m: The length of the largest boats at the event, Sunseeker, Princess and Hardy
5k: Barclays Ducks ready to play Hook a Duck
3: The number of countries the boats came from
44: The number of activities and events taking place
34: Charities supported since launch
19th Century: A former Norwegian rescue sailboat, Christiana, dates back to late 19th Century
53 foot: The length of yacht Gipsy Moth IV returning again this year
15K: Barclays Ducks given away
61: The number of boats attending the Barclays Jersey Boat Show this year


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