Barclays sponsored the world’s first financial reality opera

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In 2012 Barclays sponsored the premiere of the world’s first financial reality opera in which singers traded assets using music, to make (or lose) real money.

Open Outcry was performed at Mansion House in London in November 2012, at an event that discussed the relationship between music, art and finance. This opera took its name from the open outcry method of trading in which traders use their voices and hand signals to make trades. In the opera, the singer-traders responded live to the market and were remunerated according to their investment performance.

Greg B Davies, Head of Behavioural Finance at Wealth and Investment Management and Co-Creator of Open Outcry said: “In Open Outcry, we created an artificial, but functioning market and transformed its energy into music. This was generated spontaneously from the traders who responded collectively to their goals and emotions using wealth, protection and comfort as financial assets.”

Open Outcry was co-Created with Greg by Alexis Kirke and directed by Alessandro Talevi. Guest speakers at the event included Mathematician, Marcus du Sautoy.