We’re unique in using the science of Behavioural Finance to ensure that your investments are tailored to suit you.

All investments can fall in value. You may get back less than you invested

When it comes to investing, each of us has a different set of goals, interests and priorities. You might be someone who wants to be actively involved in the market and reacts strongly to market swings. Or, you might be more dispassionate, and less interested in playing an active role.

Your financial personality

Our Financial Personality AssessmentTM is a Barclays-owned tool used by your investment representative. It helps us to discern how you are likely to react to various investment strategies and market conditions. In turn, this lets us customise your investment portfolio.

Once we have established your Strategic Asset Allocation, we use your Financial Personality Assessment to implement that allocation. We will build you a finely tuned portfolio, with investments differentiated to suit your financial personality.

Understand more about your financial personality at our dedicated Investment Philosophy website