Northern Ireland now the UK’s fourth most prosperous region, with a score of 0.35.

Household wealth N/A
GDP £18,584
Unemployment 6.1%
Household expenditure £503 per week
House prices £125,507
Exam achievement 67.9%
Hours worked 33.1
Earnings £24,601
Business births/deaths 1.37
Insolvency rates N/A
Millonaire numbers 12,500

Northern Ireland has climbed one place in the Prosperity Map ranking and is now the UK’s fourth most prosperous region. Earnings have seen the second-highest increase of any region, up 3.6% – only the West Midlands (3.9%) has seen a greater leap.

Household expenditure has increased 3.8% to £503 per week – surpassed only by London (+5.9%), Eastern England (+5.8%), Yorkshire and the Humber (+5.7%) and the East Midlands (+3.9%).

House prices have also seen a 5% growth, reaching an average of £125,507 and outpacing the North East (+4%), Wales (+4%), London (+3%) and Scotland (+2%). Despite this growth, Northern Ireland continues to rank second from bottom in the UK on average house price – only the North East is lower, at an average of £118,971.

Northern Ireland continues to top the ranking for educational attainment in the UK, with 69.7% of those taking GCSEs achieving five or more A*-C grades.

Northern Ireland’s business birth-to-death ratio stands at 1.37, climbing three places and ranking above the South West (1.35), Wales (1.34) and Scotland (1.33), though well below the leader, London, at 1.78.

Its millionaire population has seen an 8.7% growth and now numbers 12,500, although its overall share of the UK’s total millionaire population remains consistent at 2%.