For Mike Forde, talent is common but it’s those people who are willing to listen and learn who will become great.

“Coachability isn’t about being 18, or 25, or 35, or 45,” he says. “The very top players that I’ve worked with are all coachable – right from Frank Lampard to the cricketer Jacques Kallis.”

“I love the idea of coachability, though we might not use that term,” says Greg B Davies. “When we look at investors’ decision making we use a financial personality assessment. I’m often asked: Is there one that’s going to make me a great investor? And if I’m not that, am I destined to be a dreadful investor forever?

“But the evidence suggests that’s not true. What makes a good or bad investor is your ability to construct a set of rules that takes into account your self-knowledge. You can be of any personality sort, but if you are coachable – in the sense that you are able to take that knowledge and adapt to it and use it in that environment – you can be a good investor.”