Before you can use your renewed smart card, you will need to activate it first – here is how you do it.

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Smartcard renewal

Approximately 6 weeks before an existing smart card expires, a new smart card will be sent to the nominated security contact. A new Transport PIN will be sent direct to the user's address, which will normally be their home address.

Before the renewal card can be used, users must be in possession of their Transport PIN, have the appropriate software installed and where appropriate, have the card activated.

Software Compatibility

The new smart cards are designed to work with Gemsafe eSigner 3.0.2 or higher. Where appropriate, all renewal smart cards are supplied with a copy of Gemsafe eSigner 3.0.4. Please see Checking eSigner version to find out more about the version of eSigner you have on your PC.

If you are using version 3.0.2 of the software, we recommend that you install 3.0.4.
If you are using Gemsafe eSigner 2.1.2, then you must uninstall  this version and then install version 3.0.4 in order to use your new smart card.

Software Installation

Please see the step by step process for installation of eSigner security software (step 2)

Card Activation

System Administrators & Users

If your new card is a replacement for an expiring card, you will be required to activate by calling

  • Guernsey - +44 (0)1481 755380
  • Jersey - +44 (0)1534 813600
  • Isle of Man - +44 (0)1624 684448
  • Knightsbridge - +44 (0)1606 844089
  • Hong Kong - +44 1606 845103
  • Hong Kong Hours - +852 29032817
  • Gibraltar - +350 200 50951
  • Cyprus - +357 2237 4609

Changing Your Transport PIN

Once you insert your new smart card into the reader for the first time, you will be prompted to change your PIN. Your PIN code can be made up of between 6 to 8 letters or digits. It is case sensitive and you should not select a PIN code that is considered to be insecure, such as 12345678. You may therefore wish to include a mixture of upper and lower case characters. You may also use the PIN of your old card if you wish.

If the 'Change PIN' box does not automatically appear or you subsequently want to change your PIN select the GemSafe Toolbox from the Gemplus folder in your [START] menu and select Card Administration/PIN Management - Change PIN.

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