If you're looking for a fixed rate of interest on your savings and are happy to invest your money for a set time, Wealth Treasury Deposits may be a good option for you.

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Flexibility to suit you.

Wealth Treasury Deposits have the potential to provide a higher rate of interest on your money in a way that suits your needs. Deposit your cash for a period of time that suits you.

  • Fixed term deposits – up to 5 years

    With a Wealth Treasury Deposit you set the length of your investment in advance. It’s ideal for depositing money you know you’ll need at a particular time – for example, if you’re planning to make a major purchase.
  • Fixed rate for the whole term

    We set a fixed interest rate for you, so you know exactly what you’ll get back at the end of the term. Interest is paid gross, either annually or on maturity. We pay it into a separate current or savings account
  • A choice of currencies

    Our Wealth Treasury Deposits come in several major currencies, including sterling, euro and US dollar.

Key benefits

  • Deposit money for a set term
  • Know your fixed interest rate at the time your deposit is placed
  • Choice of currencies
  • Repayment of capital at the end of the term

Good to know

  • Additions and withdrawals are not permitted during the term
  • There is no right to cancel a Wealth Treasury deposit