Our Barclays GlobalAccess funds are designed to allow you to tailor you or your clients’ portfolio strategically. Each one is a blend of specialist mandates focusing on a particular geography or asset class

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By investing via Barclays GlobalAccess, the focus is on you or your client’s investments while getting the diversification of several investment managers, and a carefully balanced blend of styles and investment attitudes.

  • High quality specialist portfolios

    We select mandates from investment managers based on their expertise in a particular market or asset class. 
  • A blend of management styles

    Each manager is chosen not just for their talent but for the way their investment styles and processes complement the others in the portfolio.
  • Global equity funds 

    Our equity funds are focused on individual geographies, such as the US, Japan or Europe, allowing you to spread your client’s investments globally according to the strategy you devise.
  • Fixed-income funds 

    Our fixed-income funds focus on different asset classes to give you the opportunity for strategic diversification – for example, high yield or inflation linked bonds.
  • Invest in different currencies

    GlobalAccess funds are available in three currencies – sterling, euro and US dollar. 

Key benefits

  • Access to world-leading investment managers, some of which are not normally available to individual investors.
  • Managed by a team of in-house investment professionals.
  • Wide range of specialist equity and fixed income funds.
  • Available in sterling, euro and US dollar