Get a portfolio of globally diversified Index Funds , all collected into a single managed fund. Barclays GlobalBeta aims at consistent, reliable long-term returns while keeping your costs low.  All investments can fall in value as well as rise, so you might not get back what you originally invested.

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Index  Funds explained

An Index Fund represents a portfolio of shares or bonds that aims to provide cost-effective and consistent performance in relation to a particular market or index, for example, the FTSE 100 or S&P 500. This means that though your returns are unlikely to beat the market, they’re very likely to match it.

  • Five portfolios, three currencies

    With Barclays GlobalBeta you can choose from five portfolios. Each uses a different blend of asset classes to suit your investment objectives. Our portfolios are available in three currencies: sterling, US dollars and euros.
  • Managed by experts

    Barclays research employs more than 60 economists and strategists across our London, New York and Singapore offices, enabling us to incorporate local perspectives into our global investment strategies.
  • Lower costs, less paperwork

    Index Linked Funds can offer significant cost advantages over actively managed funds because of, for example, lower trading and research costs. All the information and income on your investment is consolidated.
  • A diverse, transparent portfolio

    We have pioneered an innovative structure that offers clients a globally diversified portfolio of Index Funds in a familiar fund-of-funds structure. Your portfolio might include a wide range of assets, including non-traditional asset classes such as emerging and developed markets  – all in keeping with your risk profile. And because Index Funds have transparent portfolio holdings, you know exactly where your money is invested.
  • Broad diversification that aims to lead to smoother investment returns

    We believe that it is in the long-term interest of investors to have broad diversification in order firstly, to capture the growth potential in both developed and emerging economies, and secondly to better manage the overall risk of investing into financial markets. However, as with any market return investment, their value can fall as well as rise and you can lose money.

Barclays GlobalBeta Brochure 

An indexed approach to global market exposure


Key benefits

  • Smooth returns that aim to match the market
  • A diverse, transparent portfolio
  • Lower trading and research costs
  • Less paperwork as your investment is consolidated into a single, simple report
  • A fully managed solution
  • Available in sterling, euro and US dollar