Gain access to some of the world’s finest investment managers in a single fund. By identifying managers with different talents and strengths, we help you diversify your portfolio and get consistent returns. 

Please bear in mind these are medium to long term investments, that is five years or more, and that their value and any income from them can go down as well as up. So you might not get back what you originally invested.

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Why choose Barclays MultiManager?

With more than £7 billion already invested, Barclays MultiManager is one of the largest multi-manager fund providers in the UK. Its size allows us to negotiate better terms with investment managers and gives you access to managers not normally available to private investors.

  • Five strategies, three currencies

    With Barclays MultiManager, you can choose from five investment strategies. Each uses a different blend of asset classes to match your goals and your attitude to risk. All our strategies are available in three currencies: sterling, dollars and euros.
  • Managed by experts

    Our expert analysts decide which investment managers and assets are the right choices for your financial goals and your risk profile. Your portfolio will include some of the world's leading investment managers, including managers who aren’t normally available to individuals. We keep tabs on every manager – if they’re no longer the best option for you, we’ll make a change.
  • Excellent diversification for smooth returns

    Your portfolio might include a wide range of assets, including non-traditional asset classes such as emerging markets – all in keeping with your risk profile. We choose a mix of fund managers with different styles and approaches, designed to generate smoother returns.
  • Dedicated professionals

    As well as selecting and monitoring investment managers, we have dedicated teams selecting assets and making trades. It’s all designed around our view on investment markets, based on experience and insight from Barclays experts worldwide.
  • Potentially tax-efficient

    There is no tax payable on capital gains realised from the disposal of assets held within a fund though there will be a tax charge on gains realised on your disposal of units you hold in the fund itself. You need to bear in mind that tax rules can change and whether they benefit you will depend on your individual circumstances. Barclays does not offer tax advice.

Barclays MultiManager Brochure 

Global market exposure via leading investment managers


Key benefits

  • Smoother returns
  • Efficient investment strategies
  • A risk profile to suit your strategy
  • Available in sterling, euros and dollars