Fixed income or bond funds pool your money with that of other investors, and invest it primarily in bonds or other debt securities.

Please bear in mind these are medium to long term investments, that is five years or more, and that their value and any income from them can go down as well as up. So you might not get back what you originally invested.

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Why choose a fixed income fund?

Fixed income funds aim to give you a consistent, regular income. They can also be a good way to balance out your portfolio because bond markets typically behave differently from the stock, or equity, markets.

  • A regular income

    As their name suggests, fixed income funds create regular income – something that may be important if you are in or close to retirement.
  • Diversification for your portfolio

    If your portfolio mixes fixed income funds with stocks and equities you may be able to reduce the overall risk of your portfolio.
  • A wide range of strategies

    We offer a range of asset classes and structures in several different domiciles, and can help you tailor your choice of funds to suit your own strategy and risk tolerance.
  • Careful selection and analysis

    When we select fixed income funds we look at both capital appreciation and income. Our analysts look for funds which exhibit sustainable performance over the medium and longer term.
  • For medium to long-term investing

    The income you get, and the value of the fund itself, can fall as well as rise. These funds are generally only suitable for medium-to long-term investment – say, at least 5 years.

Key benefits

  • Designed for a consistent, regular income - for example, for retirement planning
  • Excellent diversification for your portfolio
  • Strategies to suit your goals

Key risks

  • Remember that these funds are for medium to long-term investing and the income you get plus the value of the fund can fall as well as rise
  • You might not get back what you originally invested