Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a lot like index tracker funds, in that the returns track the performance of indices such as the FTSE 100. But unlike trackers, ETFs can be listed on the stock exchange and traded like an ordinary share. All investments can fall in value as well as rise, so you might not get back what you originally invested.

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Why choose ETFs?

ETFs are cost-effective investments that can diversify your portfolio and offer the ability to trade like ordinary shares.

  • The portfolio diversification of a fund

    ETFs track any one of a wide range of indices and sectors, which means you’re investing in a portfolio of companies and assets, not just a single type of share. You get returns that reflect the performance of the index you choose.
  • The flexibility and control of a share

    Unlike traditional funds that are priced once a day, ETFs are priced and traded throughout the day. This means you have even greater flexibility and control over when you trade and at what price.
  • Ideal for smaller investments

    Because ETFs trade like a share, you can buy single shares in several funds and create a diversified portfolio with even a small investment.
  • Designed for medium to long-term investing

    If you’re looking for a highly liquid investment lasting for at least 5 years, ETFs might be right for you.

Key benefits

  • Diversification for your portfolio
  • Easy, flexible trading
  • Ideal for diverse small investments
  • For medium- to long-term investing

Key risks

  • The risks and rewards of ETFs depend on the index they track
  • If that market falls, your ETFs will lose value
  • The price and value of ETFs and their income can fluctuate over time, and you may get back less than the amount you invested.