Your Barclays account just got better with Apple Pay. Add your card to your Apple Wallet today.

See your transactions

You can see a record of every payment you've made using Apple Pay by checking your account history in the Barclays Mobile Banking app or in Online Banking. Your Apple Pay transactions will be clearly marked as 'Card purchase via mobile'.

You can also see your last 10 Apple Pay payments, including merchant details, under 'Transaction history' in the Wallet app.

Choose your default card

The first card you add to the Wallet app will become your default card. This means payments are charged to this card automatically when you use one-touch payment.

It's easy to change your default card. Simply open the Wallet app and drag the card you want to be the default down to the front of the wallet.

Switch between cards

You can also choose which card to use when you're about to pay – just open the Wallet app first and select the card you want to use.
On your Apple Watch, double click the side button, swipe left or right to select a card and present the watch to the contactless reader.

For in-app purchases, select the Apple Pay logo, then 'Cards and billing' to choose a card.

If you lose your device

If you lose your Apple device, you can put it in Lost Mode to suspend Apple Pay, or you can wipe your device completely clean – just log in to iCloud to manage these settings. You can also contact us to put a stop on any Barclays cards in your Apple Wallet.

Replaced your card?

If you've replaced your Barclays card with a new one, you don't need to enter your new card details in Apple Pay.  You can even use your new card with Apple Pay before you receive your physical card.

Remove your card

You can remove any card from Apple Pay by going into 'Settings' on your device and selecting 'Wallet & Apple Pay'. Choose 'Select card' to highlight the card you want to remove, and then 'Remove card'.