Access your current account balance using an Apple or Android Watch.

Put yourself at the forefront of wearable technology by accessing your current account balance using our Smartwatch app. A balance meter is used to represent the account balance at a quick glance, making it more convenient than ever to manage your finances.

This innovative technology is available:

  • to Clients with a Barclays Current Account
  • to users of the Barlcays Mobile Banking app
  • on an Android Wear Smartwatch and Apple Watch

How it works

  • Upon opening the app you will see the balance meter for your current account

  • By pressing your finger on the watch face you will be presented with two options:
    1. Select “Show” and the actual balance for your account will be displayed below the meter
    2. Select “Refresh” will refresh the balance meter for the account you are viewing.
  • Swipe your finger towards the right hand side of the watch face to viewing any other accounts you have added to your watch

How to register your watch with the Barclays Mobile Banking app

  • When you open the application on your smartwatch the “log in” screen will request that you log in to Barclays Mobile Banking on your smart phone

  • Once logged into Barclays Mobile Banking, press the green button on your watch screen.

  • Once the registration has finished you will see a message on your smart phone asking you to confirm the device registration

  • After the device registration has been confirmed, you will be asked if you would like to continue and register accounts now or later.