PINsentry is a well established method of two factor authentication, giving you added protection on your accounts. Every time you use it, a unique eight-digit code is generated that will be needed to complete certain Online Banking transactions and activity. You can either use Mobile PINsentry, which is available through the Barclays Mobile Banking app for your mobile device, or a PINsentry card reader. You do not need to use PINsentry all the time, though there are some transactions for which you will need PINsentry.

PINsentry OR Passcode and Memorable word

Available service PINsentry Passcode and memorable word Alternative if you choose not to set up PINsentry
View your balances
View your transactions
Make payments to existing payees
Transfer money between your Barclays accounts
Make payments to new payees Telephony or Branch
Make international payments Telephony or Branch
Set up text alerts No alternative
Change your personal details and login details/preferences Telephony or Branch for personal details only
View and print Barclays documents in Cloud It
Upload, view and edit personal documents in Cloud It No alternative