We’ll work to understand your insurance requirements, and bring them together with investment, banking and personal long-term financial solutions.

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Helping to deliver liquidity in a crisis

With estate planning in particular, we find that an insurance solution combined with a trust and fiduciary structure often helps deliver liquidity in a crisis. Our international Wealth Advisory team provides holistic financial planning. 

Reliable and personal

Through our many links with some of the world’s most recognised names in insurance, we source high-quality, third-party supplied products that can be tailored to your needs. We keep your investment, banking and personal long-term financial requirements in mind at every stage.

UK investment

Our offerings include onshore and offshore insurance bonds as well as tax-efficient products like VCTs and EISs. 

Retirement planning 

We can put together tailor-made solutions from SIPPs, SSASs and other individual pension plans.

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Our offerings include critical illness cover, whole-of-life protection and universal life.