Protect your assets, enjoy retirement and pass your wealth on to future generations. Our experts can advise you on a wide range of pensions and other vehicles for long-term wealth planning.

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Peace of mind for your future

You want to enjoy your retirement years while knowing your family is protected. Our Wealth Advisors will work with you to build up the funds you'll need to satisfy all your requirements. We can help you:

  • Set clear goals for your retirement 
  • Take control of your existing retirement savings 
  • Maximise your use of generous tax allowances 
  • Tailor an investment strategy appropriate to your needs 
  • Maximise your post-tax income in retirement 
  • Adapt to changing circumstances 

You should bear in mind that the investments that you hold in a pension arrangement can fall in value as well as rise just like any others; you can lose money. The benefits that you get from your pension arrangements will depend on the value of these investments. If they fall, you will get less.

A choice of investments

Choose the investments that make up your pension with a self-invested personal pension (SIPP). It also offers tax efficiencies and flexibility when you take your retirement benefits.

Corporation tax relief

Take advantage of a small self-administered scheme (SSAS) if you can. A SSAS is a pooled investment that can hold a wide range of assets. Employer contributions qualify for corporation tax relief.

Be aware that tax rules might change in future and that the value of any favourable tax treatment will depend on individual circumstances, which can also change.

Secure income for life

With an annuity, you exchange the capital value of your pension fund for regular income for life. Once you buy an annuity, it can’t be changed.