Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, a wealthy individual or acting on behalf of an asset-rich family, we can help you manage wealth in the most effective way possible.

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Our knowledge and experience

We pride ourselves on being highly effective wealth managers. That means we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues you might face in your long-term wealth management journey. 

Our Wealth Advisory team is also supported by one of the largest onshore and offshore trust teams in the world. We can introduce you to our banking colleagues who will provide you with all the global benefits that Barclays has to offer.

Your trusted advisor

We have some of the most highly qualified and experienced people in the industry in our team. Your Wealth Advisor will be an experienced professional, typically with a background in law, accountancy or the regulated financial services.

Our advisors are based in 13 different jurisdictions worldwide, covering the UK, US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

What you can expect from us

We take a long-term view of our relationships with clients. To make sure the advice we give is suited to your current circumstances and adapts to your future needs we use a 3-stage process. 

  • Meet

    We’ll ask you for an introductory meeting to discuss your immediate plans as well as your longer-term needs and goals. We often find that Wealth Advisors can identify valuable opportunities or important risks at this first meeting.

  • Plan

    Your Wealth Advisor will draw up your individual wealth plan. Working with your own tax and legal advisors, they will suggest solutions that help you on the path to the goals you’ve identified.

  • Support

    Your Wealth Advisor will continue to work with you as your plan evolves in response to your changing needs and circumstances.