The financial needs of charities are as wide and varied as the organisations themselves. Whether big or small – from higher education establishments and not-for-profit organisations, to endowments and foundations, healthcare trusts, government organisations and religious orders – each has its own unique financial challenges and requirements. Our sector specialists can work alongside clients to help them achieve their financial objectives.  All investments can fall in value as well as rise.

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An experienced charity partner

Barclays has a long history of working in close partnership with charities. As a significant investor in charitable projects around the world, and a proud employer of individuals who use their skills and expertise to support our communities, we understand the core values of charitable organisations.

This approach enables us to gain a deeper understanding of your particular needs and our specialist knowledge of the sector, allows us to bring you seamless financial solutions, integrating corporate banking and investment management.

Our dedicated charity experts provide you with exactly the level of support you require and access to the full capabilities of Barclays, with its world-class products and breadth of expertise.

Our focus is always on using our charity-specific experience, supported by our strength and stability as a global financial services provider, to create the perfect solution for your organisation.

Delivering the right solution for you

Providing you with the highest level of investment management depends on an in-depth understanding of the way your organisation works and your particular requirements. To achieve this, we provide you with a Charity Investment Advisor located in London or one of our regional offices close to your organisation, along with a Portfolio Manager and an Administrative Assistant.

These specialists form a close partnership with you to understand how we can meet your financial goals and, crucially, deliver measurable benefits.

Our broad range of services include:

Treasury Management for your longer term strategic cash

Ideal if you are holding cash and other liquid investments alongside your portfolio. Our cash management service enables you to manage your liquidity needs, offering steady returns from longer term investments in cash instruments held across multiple external organisations. We monitor, assess and allow seamless movement of your funds between these institutions to obtain the optimal rates and risk profile. This can be combined with a Fixed Income portfolio, drawing on our award-winning bond research from our investment bank.

Discretionary segregated investment portfolios

We understand the importance of trustees being the guardians, not the owners, of your fund return. As a result, our investment philosophy and objectives are built around prudent investment management, the key to which is finding the optimal allocation of assets for you.

Our specialists offer a truly institutional quality proposition, tailored to charity and not-for-profit clients. Portfolios can be tailored to your specific requirements and ethics. By diversifying through nine asset classes we aim not only to reduce risk for your organisation, but also increase the return.


The Barclays Charity Fund is specifically tailored to the long-term investment needs (10 years plus) of charities. The Fund targets an attractive level of income plus growth in excess of inflation, with the objective being to maintain investors' spending power over the longer term. The Fund provides access to a wide range of asset types (equity, fixed income and alternatives) managed by Barclays and some of the world’s leading fund managers.

The Fund is structured as a tax-elected fund to maximise the tax efficiencies allowed to charities. It is one of the first such tax advantaged funds providing access to multiple asset classes and multiple investment managers.

Passive funds

The use of index tracking investments are an efficient and innovative method for gaining exposure to markets. We can use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to create globally diversified portfolios across a range of asset classes. ETFs combine the flexibility and tradeability of a share with the diversification of a fund.

They can be bought and sold like any other shares listed on a stock exchange and provide instant exposure to an entire index through a single security. The benefits are: cost-efficient access to world markets; immediate diversification through access to a group of securities; and portfolio diversification at low trade costs.

Financial Personality Assessment

For over five years, Barclays has been the industry leader in behavioural finance, with a dedicated team of specialists tasked to design and implement a range of behavioural investment tools aimed at improving our investor solution.

The Financial Personality Assessment also allows us to establish the charity’s collective financial personality, so that we can be far more accurate in tailoring a portfolio and investment decision-making process to the needs and attitudes of a particular group of trustees.

Portfolio Perspectives video

In this edition of Portfolio Perspectives, Edward Kirwan, Head of Charities Investing, explains what makes our charities team one of the leading investment managers in the sector, and discusses some of the ethical and tax-efficient measures the team uses to maximise returns, without compromising on the values that matter to our clients most.
Edward also introduces the new Barclays Charity Fund and outlines how the group uses a ‘Best of Barclays’ approach to deliver strong, sustainable, inflation-protected returns to our charity clients. Please note that investments can fall in value and you might get back less than you invested.