We have a specialist team of expert bankers ready to help manage your affairs as a non-domiciled UK resident.

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As an international citizen living and working in the UK, your UK tax status as a Res Non Dom can be an important additional factor in your financial planning and wealth management decisions.

At Barclays, our specialist team of Res Non Dom bankers is dedicated to dealing with international clients, markets and cultures in order to deliver a world-class financial service in a complex environment that needs expert navigation.

We appreciate that life may be complex, in that you may have homes and perhaps businesses in different jurisdictions. Our private bankers can provide a spectrum of services ranging from offshore banking, bespoke mortgages, and trust expertise, to a suite of investments suitable for Res Non Doms. We do not provide tax advice but we will work with your tax and legal advisers so you can be assured of optimal solutions.

Our understanding of the implications of tax residence and domicile issues enables us to provide appropriate solutions in a changing global environment.