Ensuring that your assets are organized in a way that aligns with your goals is key to creating a portfolio suited to your needs.

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We can help you create a portfolio suited to your situation, but a single miscalculation in your trust and estate planning can eclipse all your efforts to preserve, grow and transfer your wealth to the next generation.

You may have taken care of trust and estate planning years ago and are already well insured. But are these plans still connected to your current situation? We can help ensure your key interests are protected and new opportunities mobilized.


We make a point of discussing how your wealth is structured - where assets are housed, how they are titled and the use of trusts for wealth protection. Our Wealth Advisory team works alongside your private banker to ensure that you are getting the best possible advice, through all of life's stages.

We offer the technical expertise and experience in wealth structuring and estate planning, protecting your wealth through a combination of trust and insurance propositions. Our capabilities include (i) succession planning (use of simple or complex trust structures, Limited Partnership and Private Unit Trusts); (ii) transfer of wealth to successive generations, asset protection and risk assessment of threats to wealth; (iii) cross border planning.