Technology today is an integral part of our lives. It has redefined the way we do things and is no different when it comes to banking and wealth management. The convenience of accessing and reviewing your wealth portfolio anywhere anytime is a no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Barclays India Investments Digital Proposition

The Barclays India digital platform has been designed keeping in mind your unique needs and objectives. You can view your portfolio information on: 

  • Barclays India Investments portal
  • Barclays India Investments iPad app.
  • Barclays India Investments iPhone app

Analyse your portfolio in more ways than one

Review your portfolio in more ways than one through a graphical interface and take investment decisions basis that understanding.

Decide how to break-down your portfolio for analysis. Choose the measure to assess allocation, performance or flows. Compare your portfolio performance with the benchmark. Go deeper into a particular component in stages right up to the holding in specific security in a specific account. You could even see the buy trades constituting a holding. Choose the attributes to view for each holding as well as the order in which they appear. Analyse how the different portfolio components have moved over time and zoom into the portfolio components’ performance and fund flows.

Set your own preferences on almost everything

You see your portfolio in your own way. You can set your preferences on what and how you want to view your portfolio.

Choose your own time period for viewing performance. Assess the performance of transferred in assets either from the date of acquisition or date of transfer to Barclays.

Set display preferences for denomination (lacs or millions), number of decimal places and measures (percentages or absolute numbers)

Save customized templates so that you do not have to specify your preferences each time.

Aggregate multiple accounts in a single view

You can aggregate one or more accounts for analysis including those of other family members who have authorized access ‘At a Glance’ provides a graphical snapshot of the portfolio covering its allocation into various asset classes and its performance. It also compares the allocation with the target and the performance with benchmark. You can also see what would be the present value of your portfolio had you invested passively into the benchmark.

Authorise any number of users to view your portfolio information

Your family, your office and your advisors may also need to access your portfolio information. You can authorize any number of users to also access it anytime, anywhere.


Please contact your relationship manager or service manager to start your registration.