The team is committed to helping our clients manage their wealth and the opportunities it creates.

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Significant wealth can bring significant opportunities. We have long understood that, for our distinctive group of clients, helping to manage their wealth and the opportunities it creates can be anything but simple. Our team of six professionals, led by Ed Moldaver (a Barron’s-ranked “Top 100 Financial Advisors in the US”)* and Wayne Chrebet (a former New York Jets wide receiver), provides clients with the ideas, execution and infrastructure imperative for helping to manage wealth properly.

We become an extension of our clients’ families and business financial organizations, applying the breadth of resources offered by Barclays and our own experience to provide customized services and strategies to help achieve our clients financial objectives.

We offer comprehensive wealth planning--integrating family issues, wealth transfer and asset protection/allocation--with goals-based investing, charitable giving, and business and personal lending. Our mission is to provide a premier boutique platform that we tailor to our clients’ specific and personal financial needs.

Investment Representatives

Edward Moldaver

Wayne Chrebet

James J. Lee

Client Service Analysts

Michael A. von Borsig

Mary Sliwa

Mary Bennett

Recent press about the team:

One of the NY Barclays Wealth and Investment Management teams, including Former New York Jets Wide Receiver Wayne Chrebet, Ed Moldaver, Jimmy Lee, Mary Sliwa, Mary Bennett & Michael von Borsig, rang the NYSE Closing Bell on November 24, 2014.

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