Our policy regarding cookies and how our website uses them

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Cookies are harmless text files that web servers can store on your computer when you visit a site. They allow the server to recognise you when you revisit.

We use two types of cookie:

  • Transient (or per-session) cookies - these only exist for your site visit and are deleted on exit. They recognise you as you move between pages 
  • Persistent (or permanent) cookies - these stay on your machine until expiry or deletion. Many are built with automatic deletion dates to help ensure your hard drive doesn't get overloaded. These cookies often store and re-enter your log-in information, so you don't need to remember membership details.

Additionally, cookies can be first or third party cookies. First party cookies are owned and created by the website you're viewing. Third party cookies are owned and created by an independent company, usually a company providing a service to the website owners.

Internet cookies are common and do not harm your computer - they just store or gather site information. They help you do things online, like remembering login details so you don't have to re-enter them when revisiting a site.

We use cookies to:

  • Gather customer journey information across our sites
  • Ensure your privacy in our secure sites 
  • Store login details for our secure sites 
  • Temporarily store details input into our calculators, tools, illustrations and demonstrations 
  • Store details of your marketing, product and business unit preferences to improve our targeting and enhance your journey through our sites 
  • Evaluate our sites advertising and promotional effectiveness

Setting your cookie preferences

You can use your browser settings to disable or delete all cookies. To do this, follow instructions provided by your browser (usually located on the top navigation bar within its ‘Help’, ‘Tools’, or ‘Edit’ facility). Please note that if you set your browser to disable cookies, this will affect all websites that you visit. Plus you may not be able to access secure areas of this website, for example any online accounts you may hold, and you may find that forms, such as application forms, shopping baskets or personalised tools, do not remember your details as you navigate through them.

More information

  • Information about cookies: http://www.allaboutcookies.org 
  • Internet Advertising Bureau: Guide to online advertising and privacy 
  • International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom: ICC UK cookie guide

All of the external sites you can reach through this website are here to help you. However, we must tell you that we accept no responsibility or liability for the content, accuracy or availability of any external site you may encounter.