Our experienced team sits within one of the UK's largest companies and one of the world’s biggest banks. We give employers and employees the comfort of high brand recognition, financial strength, considerable buying power and full access to the substantial range of services of the worldwide Barclays Group.

Barclays has offered corporate and employer solutions in the UK for many years and is a trusted name for individuals, entrepreneurs and corporates, from private companies to large international businesses.

We offer objective, tailored solutions based on an extensive understanding of our clients’ needs and the combined knowledge of our team.

We offer the best of Barclays, supported by the best of the marketplace. Our preferred partners are market leaders and experts in their respective fields and all were chosen by us after we completed an extensive procurement process.

Our technology platforms are second to none. Employees are able to access their share plan and benefits information from single sources, available 24/7.

We will offer you a team of dedicated Relationship Managers, experienced and skilled in their area of expertise, and access to an extensive range of resources.